Peter Tessler, Founder and CEO

Peter began his career as an analyst at Goldman Sachs’ Real Estate Investment Banking Group.
Following his passion for real estate, Peter founded ZT Realty in 2009. His ambition was to restore ignored and undermanaged buildings in neglected areas to promote vibrant, safe and economically-sound neighborhoods.
After researching and studying the New York City real estate market, Peter and his partners quickly identified Brooklyn as an emerging market and focused their efforts on maximizing value in the growing borough. Peter worked with the Department of Buildings, local police precincts and the Landmarks Conservancy to restore select properties and improve safety and security within the buildings and the surrounding areas.
Today, ZT Realty manages 20 properties throughout Brooklyn.
Under Peter’s leadership, the firm has built a solid reputation for successfully revitalizing historic properties with best-in-class services that enhance and improve the quality of life for tenants. 

Peter lives in New York City with his wife and children.